Cyclodiode Laser Treatment

The diode laser is a highly concentrated beam of light, which can be used to target and treat a selected area. Sometimes, laser treatment is recommended in order to avoid or delay the need for more invasive surgery. The diode laser is used to produce very small burns in the ciliary body, which produces the watery fluid called aqueous humour, and is situated behind the iris (coloured part of your eye). The reduced production of aqueous humour causes the eye pressure to fall.

Vitrectomy Surgery

A vitrectomy surgery is microsurgery performed to remove the jelly and replace it by a saline solution, gas or a special type of silicone oil. The most common reasons for operating on the retina are retinal detachment, diabetes and scarring on the retina.
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The operation to control the pressure within your eye is called a Trabeculectomy (trab-ec-u-lec-tomy). A Trabeculectomy operationis recommended for patients whose glaucoma continues to progress despite using eye drops and/or having laser treatment.The goal of the Trabeculectomy surgery is to help lower and control the eye pressure. The eye pressure is known as intraocular pressure. If this remains high, then further irreversible loss of vision from glaucoma may occur. This operation will not improve your vision or cure glaucoma, but aims to prevent or slow down further visual loss from glaucoma damage.