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    Moorfields Eye Hospitals UAE Employees Required Attributes/ Values

    They will be:

    • Professional. Whether a clinical professional adhering to the high standards that the Moorfields brand represents, a Patient Liaison Officer interpreting for a patient during a consultation, or member of the finance team. We will always strive to achieve high standards in our work.
    • Friendly. Whoever the patient is, they may feel vulnerable when they come to the hospital. We need to make them feel welcome. Body language helps with this, so we will smile, and demonstrate that the patients are welcome.
    • Helpful. Nothing is too trivial for us to help our patients with. Doctors, and those manning the reception alike, if a patient needs directions, or help with a personal issue, we make sure that we stay with them and either provide that help ourselves, or that someone else is doing so. We never just leave it to a colleague, or send the patient away.
    • Safe. In everything that we do, and in a proactive way. If we see a potential hazard we deal with it ourselves, or bring it to the attention of the Chief Nursing / Operating Officer (Or the Chief Finance Officer if we are in the offices).
    • Calm. Patients need to leave Moorfields feeling that they have been looked after by a very confident team, so we need to maintain an air of calm every day, and so that the patients can relax and feel confident.
    • Positive and flexible. We can do whatever is needed. And we don’t wait for someone else to point it out. We will be committed to improving any shortcoming we identify in a cooperative and non critical manner.