At Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, we recognise the importance of your time and health. We are delighted to offer our Executive Eye Health Screening service, specifically designed for individuals who demand the finest eye care and an experience that accommodates their busy lifestyles.


Key Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Screenings: Expertly conducted assessments for vision, glaucoma, cataract, and retinal health.
  • Efficient Journey: All screenings are completed within a concise one-hour visit.
  • Personalised Service: Each appointment is conducted in a private setting, ensuring your comfort and confidentiality.
  • Advanced Technology: Screenings are conducted using the latest eye care technology, including AI-guided assessments and digital imaging.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Enjoy the convenience of valet service and the attentive care of dedicated personnel.
  • Exceptional Value: Receive all these premium services bundled at a competitive price, offering significant value.


Screenings include:

Vision Screening:

  • Detailed medical & eye history
  • Vision check and determine the need for glasses (for far & near)
  • Provide customised advice for the best vision
  • Eye movement & reflexes examination

Screening for Glaucoma:

  • Measure the eye pressure
  • Measure the thickness of the cornea (Corneal Pachymetry)
  • Detailed examination of the eye structures
  • Computerised optical scanning of the optic nerve of the eye (OCT Scan-N)
  • Visual Field-Testing using AI-guided Virtual Reality technology

Screening for Cataract:

  • Detailed scanning of the lens and front part of the eye
  • Digital Photography of the lens and front part of the eye
  • Computerised 3D Scanning of the Cornea Topography (Pentacam Scan)

Screening for Retina problems (
Diabetes, Macular degeneration, Familial problems):

  • Computerised Optical Scanning of the Retina (OCT scan-R)
  • Digital angiography of Retinal vessels without dye injection (OCT-A)
  • Ultra-wide-field photos of the entire Retina (no dilating drops needed)


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call +971 4 429 7888 or click here.

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