The Most Common Eye Injuries Explained by The Experts at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai

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The experts at Moorfields reveal the most common eye injuries and how to avoid them
29 October 2019, Dubai: The medical professionals at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai have revealed some of the most common eye injuries across the UAE.
Topping the list is poking of the eye, which is one of the most common causes of eye injury as it can happen unintentionally. Dr. Luisa M. Sastre, Specialist Ophthalmologist in Medical Retina, says: “Poking of the eye, especially the cornea, is a common cause of eye injury and eye trauma, which can be very painful. It can happen at any given time or place and is unintentional. It tends to happen most often when itching the eye or when holding a baby, manipulating contact lenses and doing quick movements close to the eye. Patient experiencing intense pain are given numbing eye drops at the hospital which helps relief the pain.”
Contact sports are also high on the list, with sports including martial arts and ball games such as tennis, baseball, football and badminton being the most common sports for causing an eye injury. Common children’s games that can cause eye injuries are firecrackers and bb guns.
Other common causes include applying make-up, using liquids that contain corrosive or chemical ingredients and road traffic accidents.
Dr. Luisa explains that there are a number of ways people can avoid eye injuries, she says: “Be aware when holding a baby and always ensure there is a distance between their hands and your eyes as their hand movements can be abrupt and unpredictable.
“Wearing goggles when playing ball games and protective headgear when participating in martial arts can also help reduce the chances of suffering an eye injury.”
Dr. Luisa also advises against applying make-up on the go, she says: “When applying make-up, it is advisable to avoid applying it in a car or any moving vehicle as make-up such as mascara has a stiff brush, which can harm your eye if it pokes it intensely.”
It is also crucial to handle liquids with chemicals extremely carefully. “One small droplet can harm your eye,” says Dr. Luisa.
In the case of an eye injury, it is important to visit an eye specialist as soon as possible so they can examine if any damage had been caused by the impact.
If a chemical liquid makes contact with the eye, immediately washing it is crucial. If the eye swells up and turns red, the team at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai recommend visiting a specialist urgently.
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