Ophtalmologists in Abu Dhabi successfully restore vision of an elderly Emirati woman who has not been able to see her children for 8 years

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A team of Ophthalmologists from Moorfields Eye Hospital in Abu Dhabi successfully restored the vision of an 80-year-old Emirati woman, Bakheeta Al Mansouri, after eight years of suffering from very poor vision where she could only differentiate between light and dark, and see some shadows. The woman had very dense cataracts in both eyes and one eye had long standing retinal detachment, which was detected with ultrasound of her eyes. In addition, she had inward turn of the eye lid, in-growing eye lashes and abnormal blood vessels over her corneas.

Majd Abu Zant, Chief Operating Officer of United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical), said “the patient visited Moorfields Eye Hospital Center in Abu Dhabi, a joint partnership between UEMedical and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, early this year.

Staffed with top-notch ophthalmologists most of whom trained or worked in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, the patient was put under a treatment plan to restore her vision by multiple specialized physicians and surgeons in Abu Dhabi’s facility.”

Dr. Syed Mohammed Asad Ali, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in Abu Dhabi who performed several surgical procedures for the patient, said “for the last 2 years, the patient was not walking alone, as she couldn’t see her way. She was chair bound and needed help in her everyday activities. At beginning of the treatment plan, Dr. Yassir Abou-Rayyah, Consultant Ophthalmologist Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, conducted a surgical operation to improve her eyelid position.”

He added, “The patient had severe sight impairment due to scared corneal due to in growing eye lashes. She also had very dense cataracts in both eyes and long standing retinal detachment in one eye. At first, we removed her in growing eyelashes with a technique called electro epilation which reduces the chances of re-growth of ingrowing eye lashes. This procedure improved her cornea status and reduced the risk of infection. At the second stage, a cataract surgery with phacoemulsification (using ultrasound) with lens implantation under anesthesia by eye drops only was performed. This procedure was very challenging due to the status of the cataract and the general health of the patient.”

“Due to her heart condition, she was not fit for general anesthesia, as she was on high dose blood thinner and high risk of bleeding, so an injection of anesthesia over the eye was not ideal. Also, the type of cataract could have been treated by older techniques but due to her other medical conditions this was not the best option. Next day after surgery, the patient noticed great improvement in vision and started reading half of the eye test chart. She started crying with joy for seeing her son and family after many years.” Dr. Syed Ali added.

“Restoring our patient’s vision and improving their quality of life is truly rewarding for us all,” Dr. Syed concluded.

Her son, Mr. Saif Al Mansouri said, “We are grateful for Dr. Syed and the team of Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi who have changed my mother’s life. She can walk now, independently finding her way, and planning to go on holidays.”