Moorfields Dubai consultant performs trifocal lens implant procedure and transforms patient’s vision of the world

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3 July 2018 (Dubai – United Arab Emirates): A Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai patient – a 59-year old British resident of Dubai – has been able to throw away his three pairs of glasses, after his vision was corrected following an artificial Intraocular lens transplant procedure at the hospital, during which he also underwent cataract removal to prevent any further development of the patient’s early signs of cataract. The day after surgery, the patient was able to see clearly and now has better than 20/20 distance vision in both eyes, with no need for glasses. According to Moorfields, the trifocal lens implant procedure generally delivers better vision results than LASIK correction for patients over the age of 55, who want total freedom from wearing glasses.
The patient, who used three pairs of glasses for different needs (for near vision, computer screens, and distance), initially visited the hospital for a consultation. He was diagnosed with presbyopia (the natural loss of near vision due to age) and with early signs of cataracts (clouding of the lens leading to a decrease in vision) in both eyes.
The Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai Consultant, Dr. Osama Giledi, Consultant Ophthalmologist,Specialist in Cataract, Cornea and Refractive Vision Correction Surgery, explained that LASIK vision correction would not offer the best results, as the patient would still need to use glasses for the intermediate and near distance vision. Dr. Osama recommended natural intraocular lens exchange with artificial implant with three focal points for distance, intermediate, and near vision. In this procedure, the natural lens in the eye (with or without cataract) is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to correct the patient’s refractive error with a sharper focus, and to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses.
Patient Colin Tennant said: “I had been wearing multiple pairs of glasses for many years and this had become a real frustration in my life. Once I had been examined at Moorfields and diagnosed with presbyopia and early stage cataracts, the option of having the lens implant procedure was clearly the best solution in my case, at my age, with the added benefit of allowing me to throw away my three pairs of glasses. The procedure and initial recovery was done in a day and I was able to see very well, very quickly – without any glasses. Of course, the potential cataract problem was also removed completely, as part of the procedure.”
Dr. Osama added: “We implanted trifocal multifocal implants in both eyes, with very good and fast results; he was able to see well the day after surgery and his distance vision is now better than 20/20 in both eyes, with no complications – he can read and use a computer without glasses. Refractive lens exchange can be an attractive alternative to LASIK laser eye surgery for patients over the age of 55, who want freedom from wearing glasses.”