Doctors At Moorfields Eye Hospital Recommend Effective Preventive Measures To Protect Eyes And Vision During Summer

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August, 21 2019, Dubai: Summer in the UAE is synonymous with dust, harsh sunlight, excessive outdoor heat, which present challenges and cause a rise in eye infections and diseases, eye specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai warn.
Summer weather can pose several potential hazards to your vision including eye sunburn and dry eyes, which are very painful and often lead to uncomfortable symptoms like extreme sensitivity to light, excessive tearing and a gritty sensation in the eyes.
Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai shared helpful tips and insights on how we can keep ourselves and the kids safe and healthy under the sun.
“As we are enjoying the hot summer and outdoor activities, we should not forget to take the proper protective measures to keep our eyes safe and healthy.” Dr Namir Kafil-Hussain, Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai. He said it is the season where people should realise the importance of eye care and consider implementing effective solutions to protect their eyes.
Dr Hussain endorses taking the following precautions to get the most out of the season while decreasing any risk:
1. Wear sunglasses with full UV protection and a hat when outside. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is much stronger in summer. Due to long exposure to UV rays emitted from the sun, it might burn the surface of the eye causing pain, redness and blurriness.
2. Always wear swimming goggles. Chlorine as a disinfectant in the pool’s water, which affects tear film causing redness and gritty sensation. Therefore, it is important to wear protective swim goggles to keep your eyes safe and healthy.
3. Use artificial tears or other lubricating eye drops. Enjoying sunny dry weather might have an adverse effect on your eyes, resulting in dry gritty sensation by increasing the evaporation rates of tear film. It is vital to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from winds and dust and use artificial tears to keep the eyes moist and refreshed.
4. Whether it’s at the beach, in the pool or on the playground, never forget to pack some summer safety tips before you go. Protective glasses or goggles are very important when we spend more time for outdoor activities that could cause eye injury. The incidence of eye injuries increases with gardening, mowing the lawn and playing sports.
5. Eat nutrient-rich foods to boost eye health. There are many foods that are rich in nutrients and can improve eyesight and prevent long term vision problems, such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, fish and fruits.
6. Quit smoking. Smoking has long term adverse effects on vision. It has been related to macular degeneration, cataracts and eye complications of diabetes.
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