Sonal Rathod
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Orthoptics
Location: Abu Dhabi


After graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2013, Sonal spent over 5 years practicing Orthoptics at Ashford and St Peters Hospital in the UK. As the Lead Clinical tutor she taught and mentored undergraduate Orthoptic students and pre-registration Optometrists. As an extension to her role in the National Health Service she also assisted in treating patients with intravitreal injections.

Sonal moved to Abu Dhabi at the beginning of 2020 to join the Moorfields Eye Hospital, Strabismus and Paediatric Ophthalmology team.

Sonal has a keen interest in the investigation and management of complex ocular movement disorders and children with amblyopia and strabismus, she is an expert in working with children of all ages and learning abilities.

As a skilled practitioner, Sonal has worked in large teams of specialised Ophthalmologists, working in primary vision screening, paediatric and adult ocular motility and botulinum toxin clinics, assisting in adjustable strabismus surgeries as well as supporting surgical plans for pre-operative assessments. She has contributed to audits and research to improve patient care and provide the best possible management for her patients.

Services & Conditions

Paediatrics & Squint

Aviation Ophthalmology