When should my child have an eye test?

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If your child seems not to see well or appears to have a squint (turn) in the eye do not delay and bring them for a test. Babies older than 4 months of age and children should be able to hold their eyes straight, and failure to do so can adversely affect the development of their vision.

If your child seems fine but someone in the family is affected by squint or lazy eye or needed glasses at a very young age then getting an eye test done at about age 3 years is sensible.

Children with no eye problems in the family and no general health problems should have a test at the age of about 4 or 5. This is often done at schools – check whether your school will be doing vision screening.

If your child has general health problems check with your paediatrician whether they need an eye test. Many children with developmental problems benefit from eye checks.