Important DOs and DON’Ts of contact lens wear

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This week’s blog on contact lens wear and care has been contributed by Dr Osama Giledi, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Specialist in Cataract, Cornea and Refractive Vision Correction Surgery.
Here are some useful tips on contact lens wear and care to help you get the best out of your contact lenses.

Things to do:

1. Wear only the lenses specified by your contact lens practitioner
2. Have regular eye check-ups as advised by your ophthalmologist
3. Apply your lenses before putting on and removing make-up
4. Always wash and dry your hands prior to handling your contact lenses
5. Always rub, rinse and store your lenses in the recommended solution before and after each use
6. Discard single-use lenses after each wear
7. Always clean the lens case with solution, wipe with a clean tissue and air dry after each use by placing the case and lids face down on a tissue
8. Carefully handle the lens and check that it is not damaged or inside out before inserting
9. Avoid spraying hairspray or other aerosols into your eye and keep your eyes closed when using any spray
10. Discard lenses and solutions that are past their expiry date
11. Replace your lens case at least monthly
12. Strictly follow the recommended lens wearing schedule and replacement frequency
13. Keep a pair of spectacles with you as backup for when you need to remove your lenses

Always ask yourself each time you are going to wear your contact lenses:

1. Do my eyes feel good with my lenses (no discomfort)?
2. Do my eyes look good (no redness)?
3. Do I see well (no unusual blurring with either eye)?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, then do not wear your contact lenses and consult your contact lens practitioner immediately

Things you should not do:

1. Use tap water, or any other water, on your lenses or lens case
2. Wet your lenses with saliva
3. Wear your lens if it falls on the floor without cleaning it again
4. Wear dirty or damaged lenses
5. Continue to wear your lenses if your eyes don’t feel normal, such as blurred vision or any discomfort
6. Use any eye drops without first consulting your doctor or contact lens practitioner
7. Re-use or top up cleaning solution – discard and replace with fresh solution each time lenses are stored
8. Wear lenses that are left in the case for more than one week without first cleaning and storing them in fresh solution
9. Wear your lenses when showering unless you keep your eyes firmly closed
10. Sleep in your lenses unless advised to by your practitioner and whilst wearing special contact lenses
11. Use your lenses for swimming or water sports, unless wearing protective eye goggles
12. Switch the cleaning solution you use without the advice of your practitioner
13. Share contact lenses with other people
Please remember that if you have any questions or concerns about your contact lenses you should consult your contact lens practitioner or your ophthalmologist for advice