This October, in recognition of World Sight Day (WSD), Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai in collaboration with Dubai Health Experience (DXH) are raising awareness of blindness and vision impairment as major global public health and development issues. Together, they would like to remind you to #Loveyoureyes in Dubai, especially given that Dubai is the #1 destination in the region for medical tourism!

World Sight Day is an International Day of Awareness, held annually in October to focus attention on the global issue of eye health. ​
The #Loveyoureyes campaign encourages individuals to take care of their own eye health and draws attention to the 2.2 billion people who have near or distance vision impairment. In at least 1 billion – or almost half – of these cases, vision impairment could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed.

  • Have you had your or your children’s eyes checked by an eye doctor in the past year?
  • Did you know that many school age children suffer at school due to being unable to see properly?

Ophthalmologists worldwide recommend comprehensive eye examinations, for both children and adults, at least once a year, and in some cases more frequently, if there are underlying conditions.

Nearly everyone on the planet will experience an eye health issue in their lifetime – maintain your eye health – arrange a vision test for you and your loved ones today.

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