Akchlass Bazza
Location: Dubai


Akchlass Bazza is an optometrist at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai in Dubai healthcare City.

Akchlass graduated from the University of Manchester and has more than 5 years of international experience in optometry and ophthalmology in the UK, in particular paediatrics, refraction, and ocular pathology. She also completed further postgraduate studies and training to become an Independent prescribing optometrist in the UK. Furthermore, Akchlass has several years experience with Myopia control using Atropine 0.01% and facilitated the first clinic in the UK, outside of a clinical trial, to offer this as a treatment. She audited and presented her results from the last 2 years, which showed promising results and a reduction in myopia progression with every paediatric patient on treatment.

Her other specialist backgrounds and experience include posterior segment pathology in particular vitreoretinal pathology and OCT interpretation. Akchlass worked both in a consultant led vitreoretinal clinic and autonomously, diagnosing and managing various ocular pathology including cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macula holes, epiretinal membranes and various complex retinal pathology. She also contributed to the establishment of a virtual hydroxychloroquine retinopathy clinic where she became a lead optometrist in this area.

Akchlass has several years experience in education, she is currently an honorary clinical tutor at the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) and was the Optometry education lead in her previous role. She facilitated the learning and clinical placements of optometry students and aided in the learning of both junior doctors and ophthalmology trainees. Due to her excellent success in this area, she received a commendation from the UK general optical council.

Further to her success in a short period of time, Akchlass was shortlisted as (Locum) optometrist of the year in the UK in 2020.

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