Dr. Paola Salvetti
Visiting Consultant Ophthalmologist
Specialised in Medical Retina
Clinical Lead Aviation Medicine
GCAA Approved Specialist Medical Examiner
CASA Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist
Location: Dubai


Dr. Paola Salvetti is an experienced ophthalmologist and retina specialist with substantial clinical and research experience in the diagnosis and treatment of retina diseases, gained in the USA, France and Italy. In addition, Dr Salvetti has a special interest in aviation ophthalmology, neuroscience research and assessing and treating children with varying degrees of eyesight disability.

Dr. Salvetti studied medicine and ophthalmology in her native Italy prior to undertaking a fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. She was a Retina Fellow at the Schepens Eye Research Institute & Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School in Boston, before taking up a position as a General Ophthalmologist & Medical Retina Specialist and neurophthalmology physician in France; she was then appointed Medical Director of the Centro Oculistico Bergamasco in Italy.

Dr. Salvetti has undertaken a significant amount of published research work and presentations in her specialist areas and is a member of the Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.



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