Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali


Zeeshan Ali is a highly qualified and licensed Pharmacist, providing vital information, guidance and support services to patients regarding the prescription and dispensing of medications. His professional experience includes roles as Registered Pharmacist and trainer, Pharmacist at prominent clinics in the UAE, where he has supervised departments and trained staff, as well as providing patient centered care counselling and consultation.

Zeeshan Ali was educated and trained in Pakistan, where he obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy with the fundamental focus on clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care at the University of Lahore before undertaking additional specialist training. He is Registered and Licensed by Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE Ministry of Health, and Pharmacy Council of Punjab, Pakistan. He is a member of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society and is affiliated with the Centre of Research for public health. He is also fluent in several languages including Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Muhammad Nawaz

Muhammad Nawaz


Muhammad Nawaz is an experienced pharmacist with a strong background in clinical pharmacology and patient medication therapy management. His experience covers pharmacy management, stock management and maintenance, including controlled and semi-controlled medicines, to ensure their safe use.

Nawaz counsels patients on the appropriate use of medications and advises patients and healthcare professionals on the indications, contraindications, adverse effects, drug interaction and dosage relating to medications.

He has held positions in pharmacies and as a Hospital Pharmacist in the UAE; Nawaz also holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Lahore, Pakistan.


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